Write for Us

You are the first person to ever note that particular meaning in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and the world is ready to hear it, by gum!

We’re looking for like-minded people to contribute interesting fact based opinions, real world advice, webcomics, reviews, Guy Fieri slash-fic, and maybe a poem or two.

We can’t pay you or anything but we’ll do our best to get as many eyes reading your piece as possible. Who knows? Someday when we’re a full blown content farm, pulling down that sweet George Takei money, there could be a job in it for you.

Before we get going any further though, see yourself out if any of the following characteristics apply to you:

  • Misplaced reverence for 90’s-era pop culture
  • Hotly debated where to acquire brunch
  • Usage of the word vape*
  • Engaged in ‘Sunday Funday’
  • Actually know and/or care about your Myers-Briggs type
  • Subscribe to a gluten-free lifestyle despite never being diagnosed with Coeliac disease
  • Have ever kept calm and ____
  • Harbor weird, unknowable, inarticulable rules about friendship that require literally any work at all outside of just getting drunk and making fun of each other every three months or so.
  • At any point in your life uttered the phrase, ‘respect is a two-way street.’
  • Include the question “What do you do?” in your standard introductions

So if you’re still interested and share a similar distaste for Young Urban Creatives™, submit your work to editor@vegandogfood.co

Written articles should be between 1000-2000 words (recipes and reviews can be shorter).

Webcomics, poetry, videos, music, and all other media is fair game as well.

*Unless it was like, a really sick vape, braaaahhhhhh…