What Do These 12 Superhero T-Shirts Say About You?

Images: Nate McDonough/Grixly.com

A visual guide to just the worst dudes

With the explosion of Marvel blockbusters and the paradoxically popular Big Bang Theory, it’s never been a better time to be a nerd. Couple that with the fact that Demi Lovato cured bullying in 2014 and you have the recipe for a geek renaissance! Yes, the current pop culture landscape has allowed for even the grossest neckbeards to crawl out of their caves. However, not all nerds are created equal and some are to be avoided at all costs. If only there were a completely unfair, yet infallible, system by which we could differentiate harmless loners from the grown adults calling middle schoolers racial slurs on Xbox Live…

And while we’re no strangers to hopeless nerdery ourselves, you really have to draw the line somewhere. So sign out of that Smallville forum and peep our list of the worst offenders, starting with:


The guy in the Batman shirt: probably okay.


The guy in the Superman shirt: probably has lots of boring opinions about life.


The guy in the Green Lantern shirt: probably an awful dork.


the guy in the Silver Surfer shirt: knows how to get the good shit.


The guy in the Captain america shirt: probably a dingus.


The guy wearing a fake muscle Captain America costume: definitely a dingus.


The guy wearing a Punisher t-shirt: be careful.


The guy with a Punisher tattoo: watch the fuck out.


The guy with the Punisher baseball cap: probably okay.


The guy with the oldschool Nightwing deep DEEP V: Wizards Magazine's 1997 costume second runner up #5


The gy with the Deadpool shirt: avoid eye contact his jokes are bad.


Dragonball Z silk button up: cool as fuck.

Author: Nate McDonough

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