Untitled (How’s it going?)

Free form by Brett Sullivan Santry

People sometimes ask, “Do you think that your weight gain, digestive troubles, hair loss, shortness of breath, increased sensitivity to light, noise, odors, increased frequency of muscle pain, eye spasms, muscle stiffness, dry eyes, drowsiness, sleeplessness, watery eyes, and otherwise advancing decrepitude are perhaps a result of the stress from everything that’s happened to you in recent years, specifically disappointments personal and professional including but not limited to a lack of substantive income, lingering debt, increasing debt, mounting debt, hair loss, fear of poor parenting, lack of actual parenting skills, parenting, disappointing parents, feuds with siblings, abandoned friends, the skull the skull the skull the skull in Connemara, estate planning, hair loss, unfulfilled artistic ambitions,  misguided attempts to learn new languages, musical instruments, hobbyist auto renovation, home renovation, stain removal, woodworking, wood staining, gardening, pest control, pet care, skin care, caring, and other skills general and specific including mingling, networking, unselfconscious social interaction, catching your reflection without flinching, fighting off existential dread, and maintaining a sense of humor throughout?”

But sometimes people ask, “How’s it going?” Which is waaay more complicated.

Author: Brett Sullivan Santry

Brett Sullivan Santry is a probable orangutan descendant, living in Pittsburgh, PA.

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