Home Depot Color Swatches – The Labrecque Attack!

Home Depot Color Swatches - The Labrecque Attack!

A review by Jack Labrecque

First off, I know you shouldn’t open a review by flat-out stating your opinion, but the bright colors in the swatches at The Home Depot are absolutely genius and you should go out right now and buy a swatch.  No joke.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Jack, aren’t these the same colors we all are used to?  What other innovation could be made in the field of colors?  What could possibly impress me more than burnt sienna?”  But shut your dumb face, because these colors are on a completely different level; they’re like, super bright and pretty.


Yes, from bright red, to bright green, to a brighter shade of red, The Home Depot has shown once again that when it comes to squares of colors on rectangles, they’ve got the market on lock.  Every square hits you like a freight train.  In one particular instance, as I was looking at the blues, I flipped the card of the swatch to find what appeared to be not just blue, but also green.  After a brief period of blackness I woke up on the floor and returned to the swatch, to find that the bright belt someone put in my mouth to keep me from biting off my tongue was a shade featured in the swatch.  Now that’s range.

The entire collection of color squares themselves are cleverly assorted by color and shape, starting of course with square. The swatches come with a handy ring through them, leaving you with a hand free to clench your stomach as you lose bowel control from sheer elation.

There are definitely some standouts in this group.  My favorite color is a close tie between bright red and bright orange.  Red, of course, draws inspiration from several places, such as red cups, red cars, red shirts, and blood.  Orange however seems to be The Home Depot’s preferred poster child, and for good reason!  As far as collaborations go, yellow and red’s work on orange is something to marvel at.  I’ve seen they’re solo projects like cherry red, and lemon yellow, and I’ve even enjoyed the work they did with blue to create green and purple, but they’re firing all pistons when it comes to orange.

While being carried out of the store, my head bruised and my motor skills failing, thinking back on the swatch made my heart feel even fuller than my soiled pants.  It would be a disservice to yourself to not at least give this beautiful collection a look, and if you’ve seen it already, flip through it again.  I wish I could but they now have a picture of me at every register in the store. I give these bright colors   A+5stars.


Author: Jack Labrecque

Hailing from Brunswick Maine, Jack is currently pursuing his BFA in acting at Otterbein University. His talents include sick vapage, drumming, keeping things to a concise list of three, and singing.

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